About Hingaia



The Hingaia Angus Stud was founded in 1934 by FB Jolly with a selection of females from the Ben Lomand and Tarangower herds and has been successfully managed since by TD Jolly, RFR (Dick) Jolly and presently by Richard and Andrew Jolly.



The stud is run on Hingaia, a 600ha property located in the northern King Country. The stud is run under commercial conditions along side a ewe flock with lamb and beef finishing systems.

Some notable sires behind the herd-The home bred international sires Jovial of Hingaia, Hingaia 322, Hingaia Tex 469 and Hingaia Barrister. Five National sale Champions- Woodhill Grandee,Waitapu Diplomat,Waitapu Intensity,Fossil Creek Lightning, and our own Hingaia Toby have either been purchased or used in our AI program.

In 1956 Hingaia was one of the first studs to performance test its cattle and has been doing so ever since. The adoption of the Australasian Performance Program along with traditional stockmanship and animal husbandry has assisted us with our genetic selection.

The stud is expected to perform under normal commercial conditions on a grass and hay/silage diet.

The breeding program primary focus is on supplying genetics to the commercial beef farmer with the emphases on structurally sound easy doing cattle that will obtain a market premium.

Richard is an accredited breed inspector and judge and over the years has judged at many shows and sales. As well as judging cattle sheep and horses he has even judged alpacas and goats!

Hingaia genetics can be found in many countries and right throughout New Zealand.In 2012 Hingaia 469 was inducted into the World Angus Hall of Fame.

We welcome visitors and are always keen to ‘discuss cattle’.



FB Jolly of Frankton was a man of vision and enterprise.  He was the instigator of many civic and commercial projects most of which had not fully come to fruition in his lifetime.


Made the herd a viable enterprise, established standards and laid down the management guidelines.


With his total passion and vision took the stud to a whole new level with considerable local and international success.  A past president and current life member of the Angus Association.


Current principle.  Continues the family’s passion and dedication to farming and breeding quality livestock.  Places a strong emphasis on combining modern technology with old fashioned animal husbandry.