Breeding Program

Our philosophy is to breed and sell cattle with real bone and constitution, are early maturing, fertile and have structural soundness that enables longevity in our clients’ herds.  We place considerable importance on our cattle having a quiet temperament and are easy to handle.  We have many cows that are over 10 years old, are sound, and have reared a calf each year.  The stud is run as a commercial herd would be and the cows are very much a management group used to clean up and prepare pasture for other classes of stock.

All replacement heifers in both the stud and commercial herd are expected to calve as two year olds and every subsequent year.

Rather than especially targeting birth weights as such, we have a strong emphasis on calving ease and an unassisted live calf birth.  As a result we very rarely need to assist any cow or heifer in both the stud or commercial herds.

A relatively significant Al program is used to introduce new genetics to the stud and these bloodlines are expected to perform in our own commercial herds.  Top sires are also purchased from within NZ that meet or strict criteria.

Due to an increasing demand for our cattle an embryo transfer program is being used to increase numbers without compromising on quality.

We at Hingaia have been breeding Angus cattle for over 80 years and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.  We believe that we have adapted to change at the same time sticking to the basics that don’t really ever change, that is breeding high fertility, easy going cattle with good growth rates and structural soundness.